Get Help to Get It Done

friends help you finish your photo organizing project

Photo organizing takes time and focus. People are busy and those two things can be in short supply. Find a friend with similar photo organizing goals. Let them help you refocus when life’s inevitable distractions get in the way.

a very cute distraction

a very cute distraction

Who do you know that also wants to get their photos organized? Who can check in on your progress and cheer you on? How can you be helpful to your friend who wants to go from overwhelmed to organized with her own photo collection? If you don’t have a friend to team up with, a personal photo organizer can get you started in the right direction and keep you moving forward with your photo organizing goals.



  1. Kathy, monthly or quarterly “dates” with my friends kept me motivated and inspired to work on my own projects. Is it ‘misery loves company’ or ‘many hands make light work’? I suppose it depends upon how deep the pile of photos and how soon the deadline. 😉

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