ENOUGH winter already.

It’s been a long winter. Thanks to a husband with a strong back and a recent photo organizing conference in Dallas, I’ve had it better than lots of people, but still. . . Enough snow already.

I’ve been trying to stay positive. Another week below freezing – fewer mosquitoes this summer. Sub zero temps? Think of all the stink bugs dying, and fewer weeds in the garden.

Even more snow

I was going through old photos, importing them into Lightroom, and I found this gem from 4 years ago. It brought back a lot of memories, like frantically rescheduling a couple trips out of town, and watching my young son experience LOTS of snow for the first time.

My take away message – keep this latest snow-flurry-whatever in perspective. It could be so much worse. And enjoy your trip(s) down memory lane as you organize your old pictures.


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