Stock Photos for Photo Organizers

PhotoSortObsoleteTechIt’s hard, when your business is photos & the stories behind them, to find just the right pictures for your marketing materials. Stock photos can be great – or terrible. Sometimes both at the same time.

Pictures of actual client’s projects are great examples, but privacy issues abound. There are only so many times I can use my own friends and family in my samples. Fortunately, my son is still at an age where he’s flattered to be used in so many projects. ExersaucerHe thinks it’s awesome when I take a project I made for someone else and substitute his pictures instead.

What’s a photo organizer to do?

To start off, I have scoured through multiple stock photography sites. I like Deposit Photos the best (so much that I became an affiliate). The have a great selection, good policies and prices. It works for me, especially when I can catch a nice sale, like this one – 15% off credits thru 5/31/14.

As for the other images – those concepts that would really make your marketing project PERFECT, I’m afraid they just don’t exist. Yet. I’m putting together a list, and some day maybe I’ll collaborate on a stock photo collection just for photo organizers. What would you like to see in that collection? Please let me know in the comments, or contact me directly if you have lots of thoughts on the subject.

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