About KathyMy name is Kathy Rogers and I am a certified personal photo organizer. Because so much of my life is digital, I understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with the thousands of photos we have scattered around on memory cards, phones, old hard drives, you name it. There are great systems out there for organizing, and backing up, your digital pictures. They are simple to learn, and simple to maintain. It takes some time to get everything set up but I can show you how to do that in manageable chunks of time, or you can hire a professional photo organizer (like me!) to do it for you.

I have always loved photos and the stories behind them, and have turned this passion into a business. I started out making my own scrapbooks as a teenager but really got into it after my son was born. Friends saw what I’d done for him, and asked me to do the same for their children. Add in some elderly relatives who needed to stay connected and a business evolved.

I love seeing people enjoy their important photos, and helping to find just the right way to share that special memory around the home, as a gift, or with loved ones far away.

As I’ve learned more about photography, photo organization and digital scrapbooking, I’ve been amazed by the treasure troves of pictures tucked in the back of closets. It saddens me when there’s no one left who can tell us the stories in the pictures, but with a little detective work it’s amazing what you can piece together. I get the most joy out of taking those scary boxes away and coming back with a neat, organized (and safely preserved) photo storage system along with a beautiful custom photo book of the best of the best, with copies to go to other family members.

Bringing order to the photo chaos is my specialty, and my pleasure. Email me today for a free assessment.

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