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I’m happy to announce that Baltimore Photo Solutions is now an authorized Panstoria affiliate. That means that we offer click-through links to help you get the Artisan and Historian software for your PC.

Learn more about a wonderful program for organizing and editing your digital photos.

Panstoria Historian

Memory Manager System

I now have over 11,000 images in my Memory Manager vault. And that’s after I have deleted a few hundred. As I’ve talked with people about how I organize my photos, I’ve gotten a number of requests to explain how I rate my pictures.

Like many photo organizing applications, Memory Manager 4.0 (MM4) uses a five star rating system. Since I do 95% of my photo editing in MM4 too, I have to make note of the “needs to be fixed” (and worth fixing) images so I can go back and clone a family photo where all our eyes are open, etc.

So here’s my system, in brief.

A five star image. One of my all time favorite pictures of 2011. I used it for an album cover, in a few different photo cards and everywhere else I could imagine. It was quick and easy to crop out the tree branch over his head.

  • Five stars – rarely given – a truly spectacular photo, one that is going to be prominently displayed and I need to be able to find easily.
  • Four stars – the good stuff. Album worthy, may be used in other projects.
  • Three stars – the OK stuff. Worth keeping, but not necessarily front and center in an album or other project. Lots of pictures fall into this category. May include similar photos to some of my four (or five) star ones, in case I want to do a series.
  • Two stars – needs editing. I’ve got the white balance/color off or it somehow needs to be fixed. I can search just for my two star images when I have time (and mental energy) for an editing session.
  • One star – delete these. It takes too long to delete images one at a time. All my duplicates, blurry shots, the rejects – ones I know I’ll never use – I give them one star as I go thru the batch of photos. Later I can search for one star images then I can delete in bulk and save myself time.

I hope this helps! Happy organizing.

A meaningful present

This is a photo panel I made as a gift. I used Memory Manager to remove the people from the background of the picture.